Apple iOS 10 Release Date, Specs & Features

Apple iOS 10 Release Date, Specs & Features

The iOS 10 public beta has launched. Apple has taken a preliminary step with the iOS 10, releasing the details of the new operating system to developers at the WWDC 2016 in San Francisco. The iOS 10 is the next big thing for Apple, probably the biggest since the design overhaul we saw with iOS 7. But don’t jump on the bandwagon to update your phone yet since this is still a work in progress and many of your favorite apps might not work as usual.

The new iOS is filled with many changes for your daily phone and tablet routine. It will sport a number of new features designed to improve your iPhone way beyond what iOS 9 has offered. Speaking at an event right after the initial announcement of the new software, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi claimed that the iOS 10 is the biggest update ever with a myriad of new features.

“iOS 10 is our biggest release ever, with delightful new ways to express yourself in Messages, a native app for Home automation, and beautifully redesigned apps for Music, Maps, and News that are more intuitive and more powerful, making everything you love about your iPhone and iPad even better,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering on the news of the release.

From the Apple Music Makeover, iMessage, to the powerful Siri, Apple has loaded the new operating system with a bunch of amazing features. Apple launched the iOS 10 public beta exactly 23 days after the developer beta and is intended to help squash bugs before the official release date. The final version of iOS 10 will then follow, although it might take a little longer as developers continue to run tests and squash bugs. The stable version of iOS 10 is expected to launch in September along with the rumored iPhone 7. So what new features can we expect to find in the new operating system?

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Powerful Siri

SIRIApple has updated the Siri to make it more intuitive and responsive to commands. You can now order Siri to follow more commands than you could before. Furthermore, third party apps like WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, OpenTable, and Yelp are now compatible with Siri. All of these features are available now with the beta version, so by the time iOS 10 will be available in full version, things will even be better.


imessageAlthough the iMessage for Android didn’t go according to plans, the platform has been quite popular with Apple users. Being the company’s exclusive chat app, it is loaded with interesting features. Users will be able to play videos directly from YouTube without moving out of the app. The images will also appear bigger and clearer, tempting users to use emoticons rather than certain words. A new feature called the ‘invincible ink’ has also been added which the user will only see after swiping or tapping. The third-party integration also makes the app more useful and users will be able to do a lot like sending money with Square etc.

Other Major Changes

The Apple Music Makeover has received a major upgrade. There is a ‘For You’ section that will recommend you new music every day and a ‘Downloaded Music’ tab. The photos app can now access face recognition and users will be able to sort by date, object recognition, person, and place. Maps have also been touched and now feature a different design and have become open to third party developers. And just like iMessage, you can now make reservations without opting out of the app, and call a taxi to take you there. Gas station listing has also been added to the maps. There are many other features that have been updated and will become fully operational once the final version is launched.

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