Apple Watch 2 Rumors, Specs, Price & Release Date

Apple Watch 2 Rumors, Specs, Price & Release Date

The Apple watch was the highest-profile gadget launch of 2015, and now rumors are heating up about the Apple’s second generation watch. When Apple first announced its much-anticipated watch back in September 2014, it really got people excited about the concept of Apple smartwatch. Fast forward 18 months: The Apple watch has garnered such a huge market share to the point of being the point of reference whenever the subject of wearable is touched. So when will Apple’s 2nd generation watch launch?

The Apple Watch 2 release date is shrouded in a mystery such that not even Siri knows the answer. Asking my Apple watch “When will the Apple Watch 2 be unveiled” only directs me to Apple website to search for answers there. To make it even more annoying, it tells me to continue with my iPhone. Now, one thing you should know about that answer is that Apple website does not reveal such juicy information. But not matter how much Apple tries to conceal this information, the “ever on time” rumor train will always point the way forward. Fortunately, now we not only have the release date but the speculated specs and price as well.

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Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Release Date

Apple watch 2Initially, it was expected that Apple would launch its second generation watch at its March 21 event, but that did not happen. Surprisingly, it was also not announced alongside iOS 10 at Apple’s WWDC 2016 event. Now reports conflict over when the new Apple watch will launch. Some trusted sources suggest that Apple will launch the device in fall along with the upcoming iPhone 7, while others are less sure. Other rumors are suggesting that this will be the Apple Watch S, an incremental update rather than a brand new- a completely redesigned Apple Watch 2.

Industry sources from the upstream supply chain have reported that it will actually go into production in Q3, which points to a possible September launch. This would give Apple enough time to work around the wearable so that early adopters will not have to wait for upgrades to fix the bugs. The same sources claim that Apple estimates to ship around 2 million watches each month, an indication that the Company is optimistic about the wearable’s sale potential.

apple 2This rumor has been verified by fresh information from Digi Times that claimed that shipments of components and chips for Apple watch 2 were set to begin in the 3rd quarter. That would put the new Apple Watch release date somewhere between August and September. We are not sure whether Apple will roll out its second-generation watch in 2016, as no official announcement or correspondence has been made. However, since all the rumors point to a possible September launch date, it is likely that this might come to pass. Until then, take all information with a pinch of salt.

Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Specs

Apple 3Most of the rumored Apple Watch 2 specs come from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman. His predictions are always right so it’s wise to listen to what he has to say. According to Gurman, Apple’s new watch will feature a video camera which will be integrated into the top bezel of the watch, enabling users to make and receive FaceTime calls on the move through their wrists. This is very likely since Apple telegraphed its interest in increasing the wearable’s FaceTime functionality during the roll out of the new watch OS2.0 at the WWDC event.

Rumors are making the rounds about the improved Wi-Fi capabilities of the Apple Watch 2. It is said that Apple watch will reduce its dependency on iPhone, enabling it to download iMessage texts, emails, and other types of content straight from the internet without having to go through the handset. Apple is also rumored to introduce a new “Find My Watch” feature that will use Wi-Fi triangulation to locate the wearable rather than GPS.

apple 4The wearable’s battery is also expected to receive a huge upgrade as well as a new version of the watch’s software OS 3.0. Since Apple recently launched new straps, it is likely that the upcoming watch will as well feature the new straps. The next generation Apple watch may even come in more styles and materials. According to trusted sources, the company has been exploring price points between the $1,000 stainless steel model and the $10,000 18-karat gold edition models. 9to5Mac also suggests that the price will be dictated by the material used to make the strap and the watch casing. Apple is expected to introduce materials like platinum, palladium, tungsten, and titanium to the lineup.

Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Price

Apple 5This is Apple, and one of the proven facts is that it doesn’t do price drops so often. The first Apple watch launched at a hard to justify starting price of $349. Since the upcoming second generation watch is rumored to feature more expensive materials and better specs, we don’t expect the price to go anywhere below the $500 mark. Again, there is an unverified rumor that Apple might utilize the Micro-LED panel as the new watch screen instead of the AMOLED display used in Apple Watch 1. This is likely to further raise the cost and cement Apple’s pricey stereotype.

Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Verdict

Apple is legendary for making premium products that set the way for other manufacturers to follow, and we expect the same trend to continue in the upcoming watch. If the rumored specs happen to appear in the upcoming wearable, then we might be seeing something new in the wearable space that might further elevate Apple’s dominance in the innovation arena. The aforementioned micro-LED display will be a huge step up and will enable the face to face video calls to look spectacular.

At a press conference, Apple CEO Tim Cooks teased that “You’ll see the Apple watch getting better and better” which is a clear indication that Apple is working on a new and better wearable. He could be hinting at the rumored Apple Watch S, the most likely Apple Watch 2 or just a software update. However, the undisputed fact is that Apples next generation wearable is just around the corner.


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