Best Android Apps for 2016

Best Android Apps for 2016

The Google Play Store must have received a token of blessings from Google. With a proliferation of apps that cater for your every need from lifestyle, health to entertainment, the play store has become a marketplace that you cannot afford to miss a visit. Here’s the problem. With over 1.5 million Android applications, choosing the best that suits your needs is a bit of a challenge. That’s why we have piled up this list of the best Android apps that you can’t live without. Got a tablet or an Android phone as a gift this year? Let us help you find the best apps to make your new hardware shine.

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Circle of 6

Best Android appsThis unique Android app is free and is for those situations when you desperately and discreetly need help from your friends. Two quick taps send instant pre-written text messages to as many as six people in your contacts list. One text sends your exact GPS location and a request to be picked up while the other requests your friends to get in touch with you. The app also has links to the Love is Respect hotlines and the RAINN.

Download Circle of 6 here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Spotify

Android-spotify 1Spotify is one of the high rated media apps for Android. It is free but the premium version needs subscription. Spotify now comes with a simple radio combo for users who do not want to subscribe (pay) for the service but want to use it on mobile. The premium service improves the audio quality, reduces the annoying adverts and comes with additional features such as offline play. It’s advisable to upgrade to premium if you use the service often.

Download Spotify here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Evernote

Android-evernoteThe best note taking app now on Android. Evernote is the original note taking app that lets you keep track of daily progress. You can save ideas for that song you want to compose, the book you want to write as well as sync across devices. Evernote also enables the user to capture photos straight from the app, record voice reminders and create a to-do list. It’s the best way to organize all your daily activities in one central access point.

Download Evernote here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Pocket

aNDROID-POCKETStruggling to read blog posts or access internet in very remote places? No more worries as this android app got you covered. With Pocket, you can now be able to read websites, new stories, blog posts and even watch videos offline. The app also gives you the option to synchronize your saved articles across every device where it’s installed allowing you to pick up from where you left and continue reading.

Download Pocket here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Pushbullet

Android-pushbulletPushbullet is specifically for those people who spend a lot of time on the computer and don’t want to dig out the phone every time it vibrates. Once you download it on your phone, any notification that appears on the handset will be mirrored to your browser. Not only will your calendar reminders pop on the desktop but you will also be able to see who is calling or texting and decide to ignore or pick on the desktop. You can even reply to texts directly from the desktop.  Pushbullet is a 2-way app; you can also use it to transfer files from your computer to your phone.

Download Pushbullet here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Redphone

Android-redphoneThis unique app lets you make encrypted calls to other Redphone users. It gives an alert when another Redphone user is on the line and encrypts the call. It’s a good companion to TextSecure app which encrypts all your messages.

Download Redphone here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: WhatsApp

Android-whatsappWhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps for Android.  It overcomes the limitations imposed by the conventional messaging system. With WhatsApp, you can easily and instantly send a text message or a video to anyone in your contact list who has installed the app. You can also form real-time group discussions with unlimited functionality. It’s now possible to even make a video call using WhatsApp.

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Instagram

Android-Instagram 1For photo lovers, Instagram is the best platform for sharing them with the world.  Over 300 million people use Instagram, thanks to its cutting-edge interface that adds quirky filters to them. The platform is also capable of sharing photos without degeneration in the resolution. Its integration with other platforms makes it such a hit as you can seamlessly share your Instagram snaps to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler just to mention a few.

Download Instagram here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Snapseed

Android-Snapseed 1Google’s Snapseed is one of the best Android apps for editing photos to give them an appealing look than never before. Snapseed will enable you to tweak your photos with settings such as Autocorrect and additional features and filters that will give the photos a new look.

Download Snapseed here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: DeadBeef Player

Android-deadbeefDeadBeef player is the ultimate app for audio nerds. If you love music or you would love to have more control over your music collection, then DeadBeef player is the app for you. This amazing app supports MP3, MP4, NSF, S3M, MOD, SID, MPC, TTA, WAV, APE, FLAC, and more formats. It handles well every format thrown at it. It also has a 10-band equalizer to fine-tune your music for the best audio experience. Live recordings are also polished to the highest audio quality.

Download DeadBeef player here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Uber

Android-uberUber is one of the rapidly growing apps and is available in over 50 countries. This is one app that has transformed the way we travel. With Uber, you can quickly request a taxi and get picked within minutes. It offers flexible payment methods as you can get a quote, compare the rates and pay using PayPal, Google Wallet, or credit card. Give it a try and you will never look for a taxi the old-fashioned way.

Download Uber here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Launchify

Android-LaunchifyKeeping things simple is what everyone wants and that is exactly what Launchify does. Unlike other apps which come with multiple functionalities, Launchify does one thing only: gives you shortcuts to other apps. With the ability to add up to 6 shortcuts with the free version and up to 12 with the premium version, you will never be far from accessing your favorite apps. It even learns which apps you access when and where.

Download Launchify here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: PicsArt

Android-PicsArtMeet the sister to Adobe Photoshop. If you ever browsed through some Facebook photos and wondered where some special picture tweaks come from, it’s probably PicsArt. With tonnes of drawing tools, control over layers, effects, and collages, PicsArt has earned its seat in the best photo editing apps for Android. If you seek to push your smartphone snapshots to another level, then you might consider downloading PicsArt.

Download PicsArt here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: SleepBot

Android-sleepBotCurious about what goes on when you are sleeping or snoring, SleepBot has the answer. All you have to do is download and install the app, leave it in the bed with you as you sleep. SleepBot will track your nocturnal noises and movements using your Android’s accelerometer and microphone. SleepBot is more than a tracker; it also designed to wake you up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle.

Download SleepBot here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: WebMD for Android

Android-WebMDWebMD is one of the best diagnosis apps available on the web. This app is designed in such a way that once you input the symptoms you are experiencing, it gives you the clues to what is ailing you. It also provides you with first aid guides as well as a list of pharmacies and healthcare professionals within your area. WebMD is free to download and the kind that you should always have in your phone.

Download WebMD

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Dropbox

Android-dropboxFiles accessibility has never been easier especially when you have a tonne of them. Dropbox works to let you easily access files anywhere. It can also upload photos taken on your phone and files to your PC. This simplifies the file transfer system and reduces the tedious cable connecting.

Download Dropbox here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: IF

Android IFIF is the newer version of the app IFTTT which stands for “If This Then That” which is exactly what this app does. It is designed to follow some set of commands to be executed if certain conditions are met. You can perform some pretty cool things with it on your Android device. You can create simple command statements such as “If any video is shot, add it to the Dropbox” If my location is home, send a text to xxx saying “I arrived safely”. You will be amazed at what this app can do.

Download IF here

  1. Best Android Apps 2016: Skype

Android-SkypeSkype is an excellent app for keeping in touch with your friends and families anywhere in the world through video calls, voice and instant messaging. You can make calls to other skype members free of charge if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Hope this was helpful, feel free to add more in the comment section below.

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