Best Free iPad Apps of 2016

Best Free iPad Apps of 2016

You may have noticed on the Apple apps store that iPad apps cost more than their iPhone equivalents. Some of these apps might pinch your pocket, but trust me they are worth the cost. Android does shift more units than Apple’s mobile platform, but the Apple’s apps store still has the best apps, from the high-end entertainment tools to the must have free shopping and selling tools. But what can you get if you are not willing to spend a penny?

There are many free iPad apps that are truly great—amazing iOS apps that don’t shower you with adverts. Some of these apps are universal, meaning they can run on both iPhone and iPads, optimizing themselves accordingly. Of those we’ve unearthed, here are the best free iPad apps.

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Best Free iPad Apps: Photofy

ipad apps-photofyPhotofy is one of the most powerful social content creation apps in the world. This tool performs myriad photo edits including cropping, saturation, and other adjustments. Within the photo editing tool are options for producing collages and adding in picture effects. In ‘Text & Overlays’ you will find an array of options for slapping all kinds of photo tweaks and texts on top of your photographic masterpieces. Although some stickers and filters require IAP to unlock, there is a load of options available for free. You can also use the different templates available for free and add your own custom text.

Best Free iPad Apps: Google Maps

ipad-free-google-mapsSome argue that Google maps are best suited on a phone, but we reckon the king of mapping apps deserves a place on your iPad too. Though Google still outsmarts its rivals when it comes to finding local businesses, virtual tourism by ways of street view, and saving chunks of maps offline, Apple’s own maps have significantly improved. Google maps for iOS features a brilliant new interface, street view, and turn by turn directions. The all new explore features help you locate what you are looking for in a very short time. With its iOS Maps app, Google has set the standards for what mobile navigation should look like.

Best Free iPad Apps: LiquidText

IPAD FREE-LiquidTextNamed among the most innovative iPad apps by Apple for 2015, LiquidText is an editor’s choice app that improves the way you read, annotates, and research on the iPad. LiquidText is a high-end app that gives the users a comprehensive reading through intuitive interactions that allow users to analyze a document by finding context, pulling out key passages, squeezing texts, and comparing sections. So when you have a lengthy article, you can pinch to collapse paragraphs you are not interested in. Then you can use the ‘focus’ view to view only the annotated sections. You can even select a paragraph and drag it to the sidebar. Smartly, you can export the saved documents in the app as a PDF, or you can just share the notes as an RTF.

Best Free iPad Apps: Slack

ipad free -SlackSlack for iPad is a great productivity tool. It gives you all the tools you need to communicate effectively with all the staff or members of your team no matter the size of the group or the complexity of the project. Through this app, you will be able to send messages to the entire team or to a smaller subset within a team so you will always have confidence that the right information has been conveyed to the right people. The app also makes it possible to share and preview the files with the team members as well as organize and hold discussions with your team. Although Slack was developed with business in mind, you can also use it to chat with your friends.

Best Free iPad Apps: JustWatch

ipad free-JustWatchWith so many video streaming services available, it becomes a difficult task to keep track of the shows you love, leave alone where to watch them. Fortunately, JustWatch is here to simplify everything for you. Just tell it where you live, and the services you use and it will show you the shows available that you might like in a list format. Various filters and search options are available for free, that might help you figure out where to find that thrilling science fiction premiere you have been hearing about.

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Best Free iPad Apps: Khan Academy

ipad free-Khan AcademyThe current technological revolution has pushed every manual work to the digital arena which makes even reading books the old fashioned way boring. This is where the Khan Academy app comes in. This free app contains guidance and lessons on a dozen of subjects from algebra to computer, to physics, to economics, and beyond. As an app rather than a book, it comes with added benefits like videos and other interactive elements. There are over 10,000 videos and explanations that give a step by step guide to whatever you are reading.

Best Free iPad Apps: Microsoft Word

ipad-free-microsoft-word-Microsoft Word needs no introduction. Unless you have been living under a rock which itself is under another huge rock, you must have heard and probably used the Microsoft Word. What you might not know is how good and handy it is on an iPad. Once you launch the app, you are greeted with a selection of handy templates. You then work with something that closely resembles the desktop app, only that it has carefully been optimized for iPads. It’s even better than the desktop version since you can save a document and convert it to PDF if it’s your format of choice. However, some advanced features such as insertion of WordArt, section breaks, and columns requires you to have an Office 365 account.

Best Free iPad Apps: Kitchen Stories

ipad-free-kitchen-storiesThe apps mantra “anyone can cook” speaks more about what the app is all about. Kitchen Stories is a unique app that will teach how to cook in style, especially if you are a foodie who likes to try out new things. First, you choose the dish you would love to prepare. Then follow the recipe and instructions carefully until your dish is ready. The apps instructions are crystal clear. Every step in a recipe is accompanied by a picture that shows how things should be done. Some recipes even provide tutorial videos so you can never get it wrong unless you prefer to do things your way. Kitchen Stories is a handy app that you cannot avoid to miss on your phone especially if you are a bachelor or you love cooking.

Now that you know that there are great apps that won’t cost you a penny to install on your iPad, feel free comment and share for others to find the gem. Soon we will be publishing another article on the best cheap iPad apps, so keep your eyes glued to the blog.


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