iOS 9 Tips and Tricks you don’t know yet

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks you don’t know yet

Since inception, Apple has rolled out numerous operating systems. Some have performed perfectly well while others at par, but each version comes with new features and new ways of doing things. iOS 8 was great with superb features but after testing iOS 9 with the public, Apple rolled it out in September to its existing users. iOS 9 is a huge upgrade from iOS 8 with premium features and comes pre-installed on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and the classic iPad pro.

The new iOS 9.2 comes packed with a tonne of improvements and bug fixes including iBook enhancements, emails, news and Apple music. For instance, it’s now possible to create a new playlist when adding a song to an existing playlist in Apple music. The Siri waveform animation is also more colorful and the keyboard also received a major upgrade. We have critically analyzed the new operating system in order to help you understand the software better and take advantage of the new stuff. Use these tips to become an iPhone guru.

iOS 9Tips and Tricks: Move From Android

Finally, Apple launched the first app for Android.  It’s all about getting people off the Android platform to a device running iOS 9 and above. The app is called Move to iOS. With this app, current android users can move data, photos, contacts, calendars, mail settings and even message history to iCloud. Now they can easily be transferred to an iPhone.

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Disable “Shake to Undo”

This is a much-hidden feature. Shake to undo enables the user to delete the last few words typed with just a shake of the iPhone. Most people have viewed this feature as annoying as it’s very sensitive. The good news is that with iOS 9 you can now disable it. To disable it, tap the Settings icon, locate Accessibility, select Shake to Undo and then toggle the slider.

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Smarter Siri

What can she do? The upgraded Siri in iOS 9 will surprise you by her capabilities. She is now a mathematical genius. You can throw some basic and tough sums and she will handle them very well. For instance, you could say “Convert 255 kilometers into miles and Siri should answer in no time.

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Go Low Power

iOS 9 tips and tricksiPhone battery barely goes for a day without a recharge. It’s one of the greatest failures in iPhones. Now with the introduction of low power mode, which you have to turn manually the battery life has been boosted. All you have to do is go into Settings, select Battery and then Go low Power. Once activated the mode will turn off a lot of background functions like GPS services, automatic downloads, app refresh and many visual effects. Lower power mode will deactivate when the battery goes above 80% and thereafter you will have to repeat the process again if needed.


IOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Show Photos by Date

The iOS 9 introduces a new feature that enables you to access your photos and albums through Siri. The voice assistant can help you locate your photos faster either by date or album especially when you have a dozen of photo albums. If you ask Siri to show photos taken in Texas last year, it will display all the relevant results.

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Turn the Video into a floating window (iPads only)

apple trcs-floating windowThis is part of Apple’s efforts to integrate multitasking into the iPad.  iOS 9 enables you to turn a video into a floating window and lets it show up even after exiting the app. It works for FaceTime calls and is also great for catching up on some great TV series as you perform other tasks. However, it only works with a handful of websites and native videos app.


iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Use of Spotlight to search the App Store

With Spotlight, you no longer have to open the app store to search through its vault of downloads. All you have to do is swipe down anywhere on the home screen, type the name of your desired app, select the “search App store “ option and it will take you right there.

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: 6 digits Passcode

With the introduction of the Touch ID, Apple has greatly enhanced the data security of iPhones and iPads. But if you prefer to have digits protecting your phone, then Apple has introduced a 6 digits passcode in iOS 9 rather than the 4 digits passcode in iOS 8. You can still use the 4 digits passcode by following this guideline but Apple recommends the use of the new 6 digits passcode. It opens up to 1 million possible combinations as opposed to ten thousand combinations in iOS 8.

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Going back to the Previous App

apple trick-back toAndroid devices do have a back button that takes you back to the previous screen. While Apple is not going back the Android way of introducing a back button, iOS 9 has introduced a “back to..” option in certain contexts. If you navigate between apps, you will notice a new “back to” icon on the top left corner of the screen. This makes navigation between apps more user-friendly.





iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: iCloud Drive App into Settings

apple tricks-icloudThe iCloud app has always been on the hideout. Instead of being a discreet app like calendar or mail, it sits behind the scenes only to pop up when needed. One great feature in iOS 9 is an option for turning on the iCloud Drive app. This way users can easily access the files in the iCloud. However, it will not just show up as you have to set it manually. Go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and lastly, check the Show on Home screen box.




iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Toggle LED Flash ON and OFF While Recording Video

iOS 9 gives iPhone users the ability to turn on the LED flash to lighten up the scene. This is great although you don’t need the flash all the time. So if you are recording a video and realize that you need more light, iOS 9 will deliver in just a single touch.

iOS 9 Tips and Tricks: Music Quality

apple tricks-music qualityWith iOS 8, there is no option for choosing the audio quality of your music which is considered relatively poor when streamed using cellular data. This has been fixed in iOS 9 which lets you choose the highest audio quality even when your phone is not on Wi-Fi. The music may take longer to stream but you will get an improved experience. Hope this was helpful, feel free to share and you can add more in the comment section below.

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