LG Reportedly Developing a Smartphone with Magnetic Resonance Charging

LG Reportedly Developing a Smartphone with Magnetic Resonance Charging

Wireless charging has been viewed as a concept for so long due to its dynamics as well as the environment surrounding it. While the current wireless charging does not involve cabling that connects a phone to a charger, it does require the smartphone to be placed on a charging mat or dock. This doesn’t sound like wireless charging since the phone is still hooked in a way as it has to be on the charging mat/pad. However, LG is working on a technology that will definitely change everything you know about wireless charging.

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According to a new report published by Business Korea  it is clear that LG is developing a smartphone that will support magnetic resonance charging. Magnetic resonance charging makes it possible for a phone to charge even when away from the charging mat/dock. This means the phone will rely on magnetic waves for charging.

lg magnetic resonance chargingMagnetic resonance-based wireless charging is very new and the range can only go as far as 7cm away as of now. This is what LG said to feature in a new smartphone that is expected to unveil next year.

Wireless chargers are known to behave slower than their cabled brethren. However, that too is about to change. According to reports from trusted sources, magnetic resonance is capable of charging devices up to 7 Watts. While details about the mysterious LG smartphone are scarce, Business Korea reports that the technology will also be used to charge-up LG Pay smart card.

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