Samsung to Release Foldable Smartphones in 2017

Samsung to Release Foldable Smartphones in 2017

Samsung has played an awe-inspiring role in the evolution of mobile screen technology and continues to raise the bar for the perfect displays. As tech companies reach the limits of what can be done with the current smartphones, Samsung is busy pioneering the next big thing. This time round, the Korean tech giant is working on a possible foldable smartphone that is expected to hit the market by early next year.

Samsung Galaxy X conceptDubbed Galaxy X, the handset is set to clash with the iPhone 8 which is also expected to come with a flexible OLED panel with a plastic substrate. Patently Mobile uncovered a new Samsung patent application that illustrates a flexible display that can bend both forward and backward without snapping. Samsung has been working on foldable screens for decades, and according to the leaked patents reports, the company will be ready to release its first foldable smartphone in 2017.

patently mobile p1According to the recent patents filed by Samsung, the Galaxy X will enter into a different mode when folded or unfolded. What’s more interesting is that Samsung has also come up with ways to optimize the use of the foldable screen. For example, you can touch an icon on the edge area of the phone to fire up an app which will open once the device is unfolded. Korean technology site ET News that cite rumors from industry insiders said the device will be a 5-inch smartphone, and smaller than the new Galaxy S7. Once unfolded, the screen will extend to several inches—the size of a small tablet.

Samsung foldable smartphone conceptEarlier, the U.S Patent & Trademark office published another patent that further supports the concept and also illustrates the design of a possible foldable Galaxy tablet. Samsung has a wealth of experience in display technology, and based on the various leaked patents, we could be seeing the first foldable phone in 2017.

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