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The Pros and Cons of Upgrading to Windows 10

The Pros and Cons of Upgrading to Windows 10

The latest OS of Microsoft, which is Windows 10, hit the market last July 29. Everyone who had a license for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 PC is eligible to upgrade to this newest OS for free while the Windows Phone 8.1 will get the update later. But before everything else, is it really a good idea to upgrade to Windows 10? Below are the good and the bad of upgrading to Windows 10:

Pros of Upgrading to Windows 10

  • Free upgrade to windows 10

When compared to the previous Windows versions, for which you need to pay to upgrade, Windows 10 is offered for free yet with a catch. Users are only qualified for free upgrade if they have a valid Windows 8 or 7 license. The latest Windows 10 license is tied to the machines on which upgrade is done. The chance in securing the free upgrade is open for twelve months after which Windows 10 may cost a particular amount of money, but the cost may depend on the version you’re interested in.

  • Unified Across Devices

If you have a PC, Xbox One, Windows tablet or Windows Phone, Microsoft has claimed that you’ll be able to work seamlessly across each of your devices through Windows 10. It only means accessing your personal and work files from any Windows device, whether it is a phone or a tablet.

  • Continuous Updates

Microsoft wants Windows 10 to be the last numbered base Windows version, meaning that from the day it hit the market, its updates will roll out continuously, which is a bit like the system that Apple implemented on its OS X. This makes Windows as a service platform instead of a standalone piece of software, by which this may push it’s other services and products.

  • Better System Restore and Less Storage Used

Microsoft compressed Windows 10 system files in various ways to make sure that the performance is maintained, yet the storage space isn’t wasted. Microsoft claimed to have saved at least 1.5GB for 32-bit Windows 10, while 2.6GB for 64-bit Windows 10. With this, users must expect better system restore function.

  • Window Cortana Voice Assistant

The latest Windows 10 has the beta preview of the voice-activated assistant of Microsoft called Cortana. Already being tested on Windows Phone, Cortana lets users to voice command their PC or any Windows device to do different tasks including opening apps, visiting sites, setting reminders, taking notes, and many more. Xbox One has already these features that will be overhauled to match the branding of Cortana.

Cons of Upgrading to Windows 10

  • Mandatory Updates on Windows

The Windows Updates may be annoying, yet these are critical in patching security vulnerabilities. If you want to schedule them to suit your data restrictions and needs, you will not be able to do it with the free upgrade of Windows 10 Home. The options to defer the updates is only made available for Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro editions.

  • Goodbye Pre-Installed Games

In Windows 10, you won’t see Hearts, Minesweeper or Solitaire. You may download these from Windows Store, yet there are actually thirty seconds of ads unless you purchase the app’s premium version.


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