UFO Vacation Destinations

UFO Vacation Destinations

Out of this World Vacation Destinations for Spotting UFO’s and ET’s

Do you enjoy stories of Extra Terrestrial (ET) encounters and UFO sightings? Most of us enjoy a good conspiracy theory now and then. If your curiosity about other worldly exchanges is high, you might enjoy a UFO based holiday.

Famous UFO sightings have taken place all over the world. In 2008, a night guard at Turkey’s Yeni Kent Compound shot what experts call “the most important images of a UFO ever filmed.” Thirty-four years earlier, a Roswell like incident was recorded in Wales. Belgium was the location of a series of sightings over two years, from 1989-1990. Two hundred students, and their teachers, reported seeing a UFO in Melbourne, Australia in 1966.

Believers’ would argue that anywhere on the planet is a possible ET or UFO meeting place, but surely some are more famous than others. Ripe with compelling stories and legends, North America will be my focus today. Any UFO or ET enthusiast will enjoy a stop at any of these out-of-this world vacation destinations.

UFO Headline

News coverage of the Roswell Crash in 1947

Roswell, New Mexico

This is the pinnacle of UFO destinations. Since 1947, when a ranch in Roswell, NM became the site of a mysterious UFO crash, that allowed US military officials to capture an actual extra terrestrial, this region has been a hotbed of UFO activity and speculation. Indeed, much evidence is presented to authenticate the alien encounter, which was later declared a “classified” military operation. A UFO Museum is open to the public daily, except New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The entire town of Roswell seems inclined to believe the UFO and ET theories, with alien oriented décor and merchandise. The streetlights have the universally accepted almond shaped eyes painted on them, and even the Wal-Mart has a UFO crashed into the side of the building.

New Mexico is a beautiful state to visit on its own merits, but if you love UFO’s, you must go to Roswell at least once in your lifetime.

Area 51, Nevada

Any UFO enthusiast can tell you that Area 51 is a top-secret military base that allegedly houses the bodies of the aliens captured at Roswell. Strange sightings have been noted here, especially at night. The military claims they are testing stealth equipment, but will not reveal any details for security reasons. UFO reports are so numerous they renamed the corridor along Highway 375, “the Extra Terrestrial Highway.”

Area 51 is a no-go zone.

Area 51 warning signs

Area 51 is about 150 miles north of Las Vegas, near the little town of Rachel. Obscure dirt roads periodically shoot off Hwy 375. They have no name or demarcation, but if you should decide to see where one goes, you will inevitably reach a chain-link fence with threatening signs affixed. A handful of these unpaved roads have names, but the chain-link is not visible from the road. Never the less there is little doubt that the military does not want visitors to the area. Warning signs prohibit photography and entry under threat of gunfire, or imprisonment. The eerie stillness of the desert and the dire warnings give credence to claims of UFO and ET evidence at the secret compound. I am too timid to ignore these warnings, but I have heard of people who dared and were promptly met by armed military guards, who escorted them off the property.

We may never know what is really happening at Area 51 but near Rachel, there is a really fun stop called the “little Alei’nn Café.” They welcome Earthlings to come and discover alien artifacts, gifts and souvenirs. The walls are plastered with newspaper clippings of UFO sightings and ET encounters. If you hope to have your own alien encounter, spend the night, or just click a photo next to one of the ET visitors within the café and gift shop.

Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

Once a sleepy fishing village, Shag Harbour was the location of a Roswellesque UFO crash in 1967. Canadian officials call the Shag Harbour incident the most important UFO encounter in their history. Several witnesses recorded seeing a very large UFO, nearly 60 feet wide with sequential flashing lights. The craft made a sharp 45° tilt, and then it plunged into the water with tremendous impact. Even news media had recorded the event, giving it more credence. The folklore of the area has long told of giant sea serpents and so-called “ghost ships” but this was far more tangible because of the documentation.

An annual UFO Festival commemorates the October 1967 crash. This year the festival will take place from September 30 -October 2, 2016. The quiet town bursts its seams with UFO and ET fans. At any time of the year, an Incident Interpretive Center is open regularly from June to mid-October, but if you call for a reservation, they will open their doors by appointment.

UFO sightings or scientific explaination

Mysterious lights over Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas

This West Texas town has recently made news because celebrities tend to visit the high desert location. But not all that glitters is Hollywood, in Marfa. For more than 100 years, this tiny desert oasis has been known for peculiar light formations that no one can explain, called the Marfa Lights.

Unlike many UFO spottings, Marfa Lights seem to appear with alarming regularity on clear nights. Scientists have spent a lot of time trying to investigate the cause or source of the lights and have been stymied on all fronts. Many theories have been tested and while some findings would suggest simple explanations, such as car headlights in the distance may be true for sighting over the highways, but the lights appear in the mountains and over the expanse of desert, where no roads run. Teams with two cameras, one thermal imaging and the other a standard lens, have filmed the lights, but they have no infrared reading. A source of light should generally produce some element of heat, but the lights failed to appear on thermal imaging cameras. Geologists, meteorologists, and UFOlogists are trying to discover the answers, but meanwhile join the searchers who are out on any clear evening in search of Marfa Lights.

Annual UFO/ET Symposiums

Several agencies invite enthusiasts to share their stories, ideas while learning more about Extra Terrestrial Life and UFO sightings. The International UFO Congress meets in Scottsdale, Arizona, having outgrown their previous location in Laughlin, Nevada. Speakers from around the world present findings, evidence, and films cataloguing their work. The advances made are shared with various agencies concerned with the ET and UFO phenomenon.

MUFON UFO Symposium is held each year in Denver, Colorado. MUFON stands for the Mutual UFO Network, which has been meeting for the last 41 years. MUFON is considered the oldest and largest UFO investigation organization in the world. The conference brings scientists, nonprofessionals, and the curious to discover new leads into Extra-Terrestrial contact, sightings and abductions. This agency is also responsible for creating documentaries and films to garner interest in the UFO and ET phenomenon.

UFO X Fest is another fun expo for those seeking life outside our atmosphere. It is held in San


San Leandro’s BAL Theater hosts an annual UFO conference

Leandro, CA in the historic BAL Theatre. This year topics explored Ancient Alien encounters, spiritual connections to the stars and beyond, paranormal sightings, which may represent UFO’s or ET presences.

Really Out of this World

If these UFO destinations don’t quite fill that hunger for the “Truth that’s out there…” consider a journey into space. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, Boeings Space Adventures, and Galactic Suite are three budding business ventures that will take you out of the Earth’s atmosphere, into space. Perhaps you will see ET up close and personal.

At the least you will experience zero gravity, and see the Earth from a perspective that most people only dream of. If you circumnavigate the planet, you can check out a new sunrise or sun set every 45 minutes. Pretty cool, ‘eh?

Out of this world vacations

Space travel includes trips to the international Space Station

Of course, the cost to become an Extra Terrestrial being is not cheap. Branson’s VSS Enterprise requires a $20,000 deposit to arrange a $200,000 flight. Space Adventures is hoping to offer a private lunar mission, circumnavigating the moon, and possibly even spacewalks, but for now you will have to settle for a trip to the International Space Station at the cost of a cool $40M each.

UFO’s and ET’s have been a topic of curiosity and speculation since the dawn of man. Why not visit some of these out of this world locations on your holiday or vacation trip this year?

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